Be Merrier This Season With 5 Holiday Savings Tips

moneyDo you feel it too? The holiday noose is beginning to tighten, isn’t it? We still need to buy for Grandma, Aunt Sally, Cousin Bob, and the kids….but the wallet is so much lighter than it was just a week ago. We’re pinching pennies now. How can we pull this off? When did my money tree stop budding? I need a drink….


You WILL be ok and you WILL make everyone happy this season, without unnecessarily damaging your liver (although I’m not against enjoying a holiday cocktail with friends). Follow these money-saving tips and save yourself from self imploding over the next couple of weeks. You may even find that these tips can help with your household budgeting all year-long!



1.  How’s a “Deal of the Day” sound? With Groupon® you’ll find just that. You probably heard some buzz about Groupon® already, since it was founded in 2008. But have you tried it? I have and have saved lots on gifts for others, as well as the “to me, from me” variety. This service allows you to purchase gift certificates at greatly reduced prices, that you can use to purchase specific items, or box and wrap the certificate and there’s your present. I received a Groupon® gift certificate for a massage at a local establishment just last Christmas. The point is that you will realize a savings of at least 50% in most cases that can be redeemed locally or nationally, without compromising the value of a gift! Check it out

2.  Do you like receiving random checks in the mail? I sure do! I highly recommend giving Ebates® a try. Simply click on this link to check it out and get started: Ebates®. Shop all your favorite stores and get money back! Yes, it really is that simple. I’ve been shopping Ebates® since 2001 and have received checks totaling $900. A bonus is that you can still use any coupons that you have in your shopping arsenal! P.S. Groupon® is currently offering 6% cash back on purchases made via Ebates®!

3. Capturing memories throughout the year is an increasingly popular hobby of many budding photographers – and gifting those memories during the holidays is timeless. Smartphone owners can download the FreePrints™ app (free of charge) and receive up to 85 FREE 4×6 prints per month – yes, that’s per MONTH! Other sizes are available and shipping fees begin at $1.99 but never exceed $9.99. There is no subscription fee or commitment required. Just order the prints from your phone, Facebook™, Instagram™, Flickr™, or Picasa™ account. If you want to frame your gift, visit a local dollar store and purchase a frame for $1 (plus tax of course)!

4.  Is it me or is the grocery bill on steroids? It seems that with every visit the bottom line on my receipt is growing. I found a most awesome app that helps me save on my grocery bill. What is this mystery app, you ask? Wait for it…’s ©FAVADO! When you download this app you can save up to 70% off your grocery bill. Bake even more Christmas cookies this year. ©Favado allows you to compare prices among your local grocery stores and find the best deals before starting the engine. You can also shop for specific items and find the best local deals. I used this app for Thanksgiving and saved $10 off a ham! It took less than a minute to get my results. Warning: You may find yourself baking more Christmas cookies this year.

5. Given these times, many people have taken to the aisles of Walmart®. Did you know that this retailer also has a money-saving app? Indeed it does! On this app there is a Savings Catcher™ option. To use it, simply scan the barcode on your receipt from the app downloaded on your phone and watch the money add up. The Savings Catcher™ will shop other local retailers in search of better advertised deals on items you purchased. If any are found, Walmart® gives you the difference back! When you’re ready to redeem, simply request the reimbursement and you will receive it on a Walmart® eGift Card.

Relax and enjoy the holidays. This should be a joyous time of year – loosen the noose and bask in all the savings you just gained!


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