What’s Gray, Cracked, and May Impede on Your Ability to Sell?

In a word….your DRIVEWAY!

First impressions mean everything when selling a home.  You may have the biggest, most finely decorated, or most expensive home on the block.  But if your curb appeal is, well, less than appealing, you could find yourself disappointed with a low – or worse yet – no offer, simply because you didn’t think to seal your driveway!  

Most driveways are made from porous materials which can result in cracks and fading if not properly cared for over the years.  Heavy traffic, sun, weather, and time are all factors in deteriorating the appearance of your driveway.  In Central New York, the harsh winters don’t help.  Plow and snowblower scrapes, fading, and seepage of water into cracks as the snow melts can result in an unsightly driveway.  That water sits beneath the surface, causing cracks to form. 

If you have oil stains or spots on the driveway, many times those can be cleaned prior to sealing. If left untreated, they sometimes can show through the sealant.  Check with a driveway sealing professional for advice in advance.


Experts say that the average rule of thumb is to seal asphalt every 3 years.  There’s no need to sealcoat every year and doing so may actually create more problems than it’s worth.  For a minimal investment it is worthwhile to hire a local professional to handle this project.  The cost to sealcoat is based upon the size of your driveway.  Contact a few local companies to obtain no obligation quotes.

Asphalt should not be gray, sellers.  Black is best for your blacktop.  Before listing — seal your pores!  The perception that your property is well maintained before a buyer steps inside is imperative.  A welcoming and inviting outside adds to the excitement and anticipation of stepping inside.

New Driveway

You take pride in your home so why not show those potential buyers what a gem you have to offer from the moment they drive up?  Think of sealcoating as adding a fresh coat of paint to your driveway.  Happy selling!

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