Penny visited 8910 Hobnail Rd in Mallard’s Landing, Manlius, NY

Hi All,

Today I am introducing my little friends, Penny Penguin. I guess you might say she is my alter-ego since I have always thought being a penguin would be such fun. As far as I’m concerned penguins are the cutest beings on Earth. She is usually joined by her buddy, Benny.

No, this isn’t a blog about penguins. It’s a blog about everything to do with Syracuse in Central New York. But Penny will be our eyes and ears into some of the nicest homes on the market. She even provides pictures.

The house Penny looked at today had 6 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2.5 half baths and is located on 1.3 acres. Just click on Penny to see the pics from today’s excursion.

Penny always relies on her buddy Benny to get the scoop on the neighborhood.

You can always click on Benny to find our more about the community
that Penny visits each day.

Penny Penguin
pennypenguinClick on Penny to
see pics of the home she saw today.

Benny Penguin
bennypenquin Click on Benny to learn
more about this Central
New York community

Talk Soon,

Judy NuHavun

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