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3 Best Practices for Real Estate Investment

Investing In Real Estate: AchieveYour Real Estate Goals With mortgage rates so low, many investors choose to invest in real estate, as opposed to the stock market. In addition, real estate is a prime investment for novice investors, as it is more tangible and understandable than stocks and the index. According to Bankrate’s annual investment […]

Report: US Home Prices See Gains in February

The national housing market continues to show gains, with home prices rising year-over-year during the month of February. This is fantastic news as it shows that the U.S. real estate market continues to rebound from the Great Recession. If you’re considering listing your home anytime soon, please continue reading to learn more about current national […]


Houses considered to be first-time homes are selling the fastest because of the first-time homebuyer federal tax credit. First time homebuyers can get up to $8,000 back on their taxes if they sign a purchase-and-sale agreement before the end of April. Tax credit reduces your taxes dollar for dollar; it is not a deduction. If […]