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5 Baby Boomer Housing Market Trends to Watch

Regardless of where you live, experts are expecting that Baby Boomers will have a major impact on the local housing market. That’s because this sizeable portion of the population is comprised of 76.4 million individuals. And many of them are expected to make major moves over the next several years as they continue to retire. […]

More US Home Buyers Returning to Market Because of Easier Mortgage Rules, Stable Rates

More and more home buyers are returning to the US housing market because they’re noticing favorable market conditions. Specifically, buyers are feeling more comfortable about navigating the market thanks to interest rate stabilization and easier mortgage rules, according to a recent article by Reuters. This is fantastic news for the overall health of the housing […]


The CNY real estate market has dropped a little. There is a 6% drop in the number of homes that were sold since 2008. It appears that the first-time homebuyer has not taken advantage of the tax credit; as a lot of the real estate authorities thought would happen. This has affected the sold numbers […]