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Houses considered to be first-time homes are selling the fastest because of the first-time homebuyer federal tax credit. First time homebuyers can get up to $8,000 back on their taxes if they sign a purchase-and-sale agreement before the end of April. Tax credit reduces your taxes dollar for dollar; it is not a deduction. If […]

Real estate in Central New York

The real estate market in Central New York has always been more even than other national RE markets. The simple reason for this, it is because we don™t have peaks and valleys as other national makes have historically experienced. When homes are priced very competitive, they sell. If a home is over priced it becomes […]


The CNY real estate market has dropped a little. There is a 6% drop in the number of homes that were sold since 2008. It appears that the first-time homebuyer has not taken advantage of the tax credit; as a lot of the real estate authorities thought would happen. This has affected the sold numbers […]